Kuwait Military Medals

Code # 965-1

Kuwait "Liberation Of Kuwait" Medal

RibbonMakes the Flag Of Kuwait, Red White Green and Black

Instituted: August 1995

Awarded: By the Government of Kuwait to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Allies forces who participated in Desert Shield/Desert Storm between August 2nd, 1990 and August 31st, 1993. 

Grades: Five grades and awarded according to rank of the recipient. The Excellent Grade was only conferred on the most senior Allied Commanders, the first grade went to Brigadiers and Major-generals, the Second Grade to Officers of field rank (Colonels and Majors), the Third Grade to junior Officers (Captains, lieutenants and equivalent in the other services), and the Fourth Grade to all other ranks.

Price$ 18  (ribbon Included)


Code # 965-2

US "Liberation of Kuwait" Medal (Rare to Find)

RibbonMakes the American Flag

Instituted: 1991

AwardedFor US Troops that Helped in the Liberation of Kuwait.

Grades: 1 Class Rare To Find

Price$ 25


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